The Fugees Village

A Center for Child Survivors of War

Clarkston, Georgia

Project Info
The Fugees Village
Clarkston, Georgia
Size: 19 acres

"I see it as a national model for how to teach refugee kids successfully... When you get 19 acres of land, you can build your dream completely without compromising."
-Coach Luma Mufleh, Founder and Director of Fugees Family, Inc.

It takes a village to raise a child, and the Fugees Family is building just that to work with refugee children and their families in the Clarkson, DeKalb and Metro Atlanta areas of Georgia.

The Fugees Family is a non-profit organization devoted to working with child survivors of war and their families. "The Fugees" use the power of soccer to motivate the refugee community and has created an organization that provides local refugee boys and girls with the support and structure they need to realize their potential. What began as a soccer team has transformed into an inspiring organization that supports refugee children by addressing their own and their communities' unique academic, social, emotional and health needs.

We are working alongside the Fugees Family to help create their dream village and the first school in America for refugee children. The campus design allows for the Fugees to make their comprehensive approach to supporting this community tangible. The campus is a sustainable, pedestrian-friendly and secure site to welcome the Fugees, their parents and the larger community. A phased development allows for the the space to evolve with the organization over time.

The facility is organized as a three level structure with cafeteria and gymnasium flanking the building. Each level is characterized by a community outreach and an academic support function: Level One provides access to the gymnasium and community clinic; Level Two provides access to a media center and black box theater; and Level Three provides access to the Fugees Family administrative offices and the cafeteria. The classrooms, clinic, dining spaces and offices receive natural light and have access to outdoor gathering spaces. The larger campus design includes community gardens, a regulation-sized soccer field and field house and room for the academic program to expand.

Learn more about the incredible story of the Fugees Family and Luma Mufleh. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on this project and bring their dream village to life.