Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise


Project Info
Completion Date: 2013
Size: 723,900 sq. ft./67,810 sq. m
BCA Green Mark Platinum Certified
Lab of the Year, 2013
R&D Magazine

The 729,900 square foot (67,810 square meter) Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) for the Singapore National Research Foundation, is a precedent-setting global research university, comprising three mid-rise buildings and a high-rise tower. The design pioneers the use of advanced environmental sustainability and energy-efficient technologies, surpassing current flexibility and performance benchmarks for scientific research facilities in the tropics. The project’s mission is to stimulate innovation, discovery and entrepreneurship through the interaction and collaboration of scientists and engineers drawn from top research institutions, corporations and leading universities from around the globe.

As the first increment of the campus, CREATE embodies commitment to exploring and discovering new sustainable technologies. This unique place establishes CREATE’s brand and resonates as a scholarly center for academia, corporate entrepreneurship, student life and public curiosity.

CREATE pushes the boundaries of conventional lab design—the buildings are very narrow, and cores and corridors are located at the perimeter to introduce maximum daylight and flexibility. The universal module supports the full range of lab types from computational science, wet biology, dry chemistry, as well as quality office space. CREATE houses interdisciplinary research centers from some of the top universities and corporations in the world including MIT, Technion, UC Berkeley, Technical University of Munich and the Cambridge Center for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology. Because the research groups will be constantly moving in and out over the life of the building the research spaces are designed to be flexible and adaptable, able to be built out in increments and reconfigured at low cost and minimal disruption to the adjacent functioning research labs.