Bogacay Creek Masterplan

Antalya, Turkey

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Bogacay Creek Masterplan
Antalya, Turkey

The Bogacay Creek Masterplan is a plan for the 58 square kilometer Bogacay Creek basin which divides the resort city of Antalya on the southern coast of Turkey. The project starts with a deeply considered hydraulic strategy that aims to:
• Prevent flooding in the basin
• Improve water quality in the creek
• Protect the city water supply
• Provide a sustainable irrigation water supply for local agriculture

Using a range of in-watershed and infrastructural measures the masterplan attenuates the peak flood flows and allows the creek basin to be developed for the cities expansion. The project also aims to protect the historic orange groves used for farming in the district for many years while addressing the impact of agriculture on the water of Bogacay Creek.

By looking at a range of parameters including Water Flows, Field Boundaries, land ownership, road connections and ecological corridors two primary experiental loops
were created to frame and order development. In doing so it the masterplan identified 45 development projects and 12 major infrastructure projects that provides a roadmap for the cities
development for the next 20 years.

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