Medical Education

Changes in the healthcare environment and the practice of medicine are having a significant impact on the way physicians are trained and taught—as well as for the buildings and spaces that support their education.

A growing focus on simulation-based practice, multi-modal and interdisciplinary learning environments, and rapidly evolving technologies is influencing the way curriculum is delivered and facilities are planned. There is also a "hidden curriculum" that must be considered: learning environments that support informal interaction with peers and role models; spaces that encourage interaction, collegiality and an interdisciplinary perspective. Our experience has taught us that learning environments among medical schools and academic medical centers vary greatly from program to program. We bring to each project, the best thinking of our experts across the firm with national and international experience in healthcare, education and research. Our approach is fully integrated, and we work closely with our clients to develop strategies that anticipate future generations of students, yet are firmly grounded in the unique needs, culture and values of each institution.