Collegiate Athletics + Recreation

Few facilities reflect the spirit and identity of a campus as well as the collegiate Athletics Center. It is the venue for aspiring athletes, student interaction and memorable varsity events. This building type has dramatically changed from the insular and box-like edifices of the past. The architecture now reflects a new mandate to create an engaging environment that encourages all students to integrate physical activity and wellness within their lifestyle. Transparency and active social spaces have become the new hallmarks of this building type.

A successful collegiate athletics center will help build campus spirit and extend the appeal of the institution to new recruits and alumni. At Perkins+Will, we create a conceptual model that has a clear organizational structure allowing for spaces to grow, expand and respond to future needs. This philosophy extends across disciplines from the site design to the programming of spaces and to the choices of mechanical equipment and systems.

The combination of a campus setting and a dynamic spatial program offers the potential to transform a collegiate sports complex into a destination—a place that becomes integral to the daily lives of the faculty and student body.