Campus + Academic Planning

Campus Planning is all about revealing sense of purpose and sense of place. The Strategic, Academic, and Capital Plan are the drivers for our work. As we meet your mission, we integrate sustainability into strategies for education, operations and administration. We translate data-driven needs into highly compelling and image-able graphics and guidelines. We evaluate programmatic demands against campus heritage, context and capacity. We position our clients with a plan that embraces change, improves recruitment and retention, attracts funding and identifies cost savings.

Our Academic Planning is grounded in the Carnegie Classification and specific characteristics of each post-secondary institution. We envision spaces that support student-centered learning and interdisciplinary collaboration. To “Right Size” facilities, we develop information about existing space use patterns and utilization. Our numerical analysis is based on national FICM and HEGIS taxonomies, CEFPI standards, state systems and our own experience benchmarking institutions around the world.

Our Sustainable Campus Strategies interconnect building, open space and infrastructure systems for learning. We utilize ACUPCC, AASHE STARS, LEED, ASLA Sustainable Sites, Green Globes and the College Sustainability Report Card as our benchmarks. We collectively achieve elegant solutions through a dialogue among stakeholders. This integrated web is not limited to the campus property line. A Regenerative Higher Education Campus will sustain both the people it educates and the community it supports while promoting beauty and a shared vision for future generations.