Healthcare Branded Environments

We believe in the power of brand and the power of design to strengthen trust and wellbeing in the healthcare environment.

Walking into a hospital or doctor’s office can be stressful, scary, and unnerving. Through design, we seek to create and shape a unique and compassionate healthcare experience for patients and families. We use patterning techniques, connection to nature, and strategic use of form and color to create spaces that are calming to the mind and body. We explore methods of distraction, studying ways in which we can take a patient’s mind off a current procedure. Powerful stories about successful patient outcomes are explored as a way to share inspiring messages – instilling hope and comfort.

For our clients, we explore brand as an asset that can fortify and enrich the reputation of your institution. In collaboration with you, we study your unique approach, the types of care your team excels in, the areas of research that differentiate you from other providers, as well as your target audiences and patient profiles.

We home in on your most valuable knowledge, your patient success stories, your personal care stories – and we use that information to build confidence in your brand, showcasing why you’re the provider to trust, and establishing reassurance for patients that they are in the best hands.

Brand is an opportunity to align patients and providers, to make each other recognizable… familiar… like family. When the brand message aligns with the patient experience, we have synergy – and are providing an experience that breathes sensitivity, trust, transparency and authenticity