Sprout Space: An eco-modular solution for growing communities


Project Info
Sprout Space: An eco-modular solution for growing communities
Winner - "Relocatable Classroom" Division, 2009
Open Architecture Challenge - International design competition

For more comprehensive information visit the Sprout Space microsite at www.sproutspace.com.

In 2009, our Atlanta office's education team answered the call of the Open Architecture Network and Architecture for Humanity to create an innovative solution to the challenge of mobile classrooms. Our solution, Sprout Space, won this international competition with its sustainable, innovative and economical design.

Sprout Space implements cost-conscious building materials to create a learning environment that can be adapted to any environment. With generous daylighting, operable windows and natural ventilation, this classroom can operate with significantly lower utility costs while providing a wonderful and refreshing educational experience to the students and teachers. Numerous design features such as sun shades, integrated rainwater collection, photovoltaic roof panels and sustainable materials including FSC certified wood, high-reflective roofing and bio-based insulation and flooring make Sprout Space an excellent example of passive and active green building strategies. Creative thinking behind classroom standards including marker boards, group work tables and computer stations are located in the classroom's interiors.

Today, temporary solutions are increasingly being used to solve more permanent needs. It is becoming common for aging, low-quality portables to stay at the same location for more than five years. Cost has long been the obstacle keeping the portable classroom at a level of basic functionality from the standpoint of usability and flexibility. By using readily available, durable materials in innovative ways the industry standard for portable classrooms can be transformed into high-performance, sustainable, engaging learning environments. These newly envisioned structures honor the teaching and learning that occurs within their walls regardless of a district's transition.

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